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LOQI x Goalgirls




Carry On 2021

LOQI and female-driven agency Goalgirls have teamed up with three talented female artists to design bags that carry values. The result is a Carry On collection that celebrates sisterhood and collaboration.


Kaddie Rothe



Kaddie Rothe is co-founder and creative directress of Goalgirls and their woke marketplace 'The Feel Goods'. She lives 13 1/2 lives like captain bluebear and is an expert in everything and nothing in particular. Creativity is a way for her to disrupt archaic social constructs and to communicate ideas for a more equal future.


The It is What it is statement reflects on the current social media culture and it's lack of reflection to provoke change. It is Shit Happens all over again, evoking a sense of defiance over status quo. The typography mimics the Smiley emoji which has become an ambitious symbol of our generation. What is she saying? Maybe it is not what it is though, right?

Anna Rupprecht



Anna Rupprecht, an illustrator based in Berlin, focuses on social topics and female empowerment. Bold, colorful and comic strip style, she has worked for The New Yorker, Netflix, Tinder or Universal Music and participated in exhibitions like Eye Candy Artist Fest and Gallery Weekend in Berlin. She won the competition Access All Arts by Bumble, creating a mural next to Kottbusser Tor. In 2020 Anna was shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards.


The Sisterhood bag stands for female union and empowerment. It reflects a strong feeling of friendship and support among women who are actively involved in improving their rights. The peony symbolises good fortune, love and strength. And on a spiritual level the ladybug is a power animal, standing for activating energies and luck. The bag design is a fusion of elements that can bring change in our

Gamze Yalcin


Gamze Yalcin is a visual artist and painter from Istanbul, now based in Berlin. She studied Interior Architecture at Mimar Sinan Fine Art University. Her work connects the themes of women, dreamlands, landscapes and plants and is characterised by a colourful palette, cosmic signs, love, female power and journey stories.


On my way is a journey of following your own path. Connecting to nature is the best way to connect to yourself. On my way to nature, on my way to me, on my way to you, on my way to us.

Tatjana Junker


Tatjana’s work appears widely in the editorial and design field. Her illustrations are a window into her playful mind, where she combines an expressive drawing style with bold colours. Tatjana always adds a pinch of humor and heartwarming authenticity to her work. Her illustrations featured in Wall Street Journal.


The design Emotional Woman is all about openly and bravely carrying your bag of emotions—tears, sweat, hysterical laughter, open hearts, intelligent minds, unpredictable mood swings and rebellious ideas. This bag will be carried by women changing the world. It will prove everyone wrong who thinks emotions are too big of a weight to carry!