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Weekender Wonderland

Prints full of surprises, inspirations from around the world. LOQI teamed up with the artist Kristjana S Williams to create a range of weekenders which will transport you to a unique and magical imaginary world. Come and dive into the story and the LOQI x Kristjana S Williams collection.

The designer behind the bag

Kristjana S Williams was born in Iceland but moved to London to study graphic design and illustration at Central St Martins. She has appeared at festivals and in pop ups all around the world, as well as in galleries like the V&A in London. You might have spotted her dazzling Christmas displays in the shop windows of the department stores Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason. Or perhaps you have caught sight of the album artwork for Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams: Live in Buenos Aires and Live in Sao Paulo. 

Kristjana´s artworks have also been commissioned by Paul Smith, Christian Louboutin, Liberty, Harrods, The Shard London, Chanel Group and Cold Play. Recent awards include The Pentawards, D&D in book, Clio Award and first prize in the New York Festivals Grand Prix. Her incredible creativity brings magic to homes. It can be found on cushions, globes, wallpaper and gorgeous bespoke furniture and now her prints are featured on LOQI bags too.  


The Collection

This collection showcases the Iceland-born artist’s fascination with the bustle of the big city. From London to New York, the buzz of these great cities reverberates through her art. And after an early life surrounded by the harsh and stark blacks, whites and greys of Icelandic nature, nature in all its colorful glory always makes its presence felt in her art – and often in weird and wonderful ways.
The designer of giant octopus cushions and giant ostrich wall murals invites the viewer to enter a new world with every one of her prints. They are full of hidden messages to decipher and those featured on each travel weekender bag are no different.


Three weekenders feature skyline prints on one side and a lustrous liquid texture in gold, silver or rose gold on the other.

LOQI he Gold & World Skyline Weekender

The Gold & World Skyline Weekender

LOQI Metallic Silver Weekender

Metallic Silver Weekender

LOQI Metallic Rose Gold Weekender

Metallic Rose Gold Weekender


If you are looking for busy prints on both sides, The World Map and Reef Weekender couples two eye-catching artworks.
The artist´s prints are full of surprises. You may recognize iconic buildings, but the scene is always re-imagined. A huge dragonfly flies high in New York. Giraffes roam free in London. Are her prints more jungle than city? But wait! There’s a penguin on the loose in London too. And the real and the imaginary blend in Kristjana’s very own world skyline. Iconic buildings from the Olympic cities Athens, Barcelona, Atlanta, Beijing, Sydney and Rio stand tall. Pineapples, oranges and kangaroos have their place too. She creates the universe of her own art. Her prints combine urban and natural inspiration to create an adventurous print which widens horizons and challenges the imagination.
Special features? The travel weekender bag is reversible. It’s always unexpected. Water-resistant and hard-wearing treasure. Wear it either on your shoulder, or as a rucksack. These weekenders take versatility to the next level. Change your mind as often as you like. It’s like having two bags in one. Go on holiday with one and return with another.
Be transported by the dreamy prints and reach for your travel weekender bag to take exoticism with you wherever you are heading.