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Your LOQI Collection Starts HERE

Are you an artist? Have you ever considered turning your creativity into wearable art? You are only a step away from it. Download our template and play around with your eye-catching designs on LOQI bags. 

Let’s Connect

Are your designs ready to make a statement on LOQI bags? Simply send your completed template to design@loqi.com along with some details about the designs you'd like to feature and, of course, a little about the wonderful artist behind them – that's you!

Creating Your LOQI Bags

So how does this work? We are taking over now with producing 120 bags with your incredible designs. 60 will be exclusively yours for selling online, giving to friends or using as your personal business card. 60 will be available for sale on LOQI.eu, delighting our customers with the opportunity to own a piece of your art!

Show Everyone!

After you receive your LOQI bags, we encourage you to unleash your creativity on social media. We kindly request that you consider sharing at least one captivating story and a permanent reel or post on your feed to proudly showcase your exquisite LOQI bags. Feel free to explore content from our previous artists for some inspiration!

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