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Ufficio attività LOQI-The Airy

Studio Aisslinger designed the LOQI European headquarters in Berlin, reflecting the lively creative DNA of the globally active company in a congenial brand appearance. Work and play were merged in a new „airy activity office“. The result created by Tina Bunyaprasit and Werner Aisslinger is an office space of a different kind, a lively and inspiring working landscape.

The 1000 sqm loft with an open ceiling structure has become a complex, constantly changing conglomerate of co-working areas, break-off units and secluded work capsules. Striking fabric curtains, materials and colors moderating the transition between the different working areas. Flexible and open, the room adapts to multiple needs, creating space for playful creativity, for that dance of mind that is needed to gain new ideas.

What is there for You?

The open office is a 400 square metres loft-like space with a 450 square metre warehouse. Rent is € 2000 net per day, suitable for film, events and workshops of up to 50 people.

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