LOQI is a bright young star on the up and up.
Our culture is open, colourful, and fast-paced. We are committed to doing something good with our products.
And at the same time we want to create beautiful things and have fun while we’re at it. Find out more about us here.
Oh! And did we mention we are located in the fun little town of Berlin, Germany?

We are always on the lookout for fresh talent, binoculars in-hand. We are fast-moving, fast-growing, and fun-loving. Come work with us.
Contact us at hello@loqi.com.

Sales & Marketing Manager
LOQI is looking for a spirited, passionate, sharp, ingenious, ambitious, creative, entrepreneurial, not-to-mention friendly, Sales & Marketing Manager.
Yep, we’re looking for someone who’s got it all. But most importantly, someone who understands our vision and is ready to launch LOQI like a beaming meteor into the outer space of success. We would like someone with at least four years of experience as a Sales & Marketing Manager—B2B. Preferably, someone who has a degree or equivalent experience in marketing, communications, or public relations.A deep understanding of on and offline marketing practices, that don’t date to the late 90s, is essential. Confidence in both English and German is a must, as well as strong copywriting skills and the natural ability to communicate across all media. Telephone. Email. Skype. Whatsapp. And face-to-face. Yes, we still do that.
Think you might be a good fit? Contact us at hello@loqi.com.

Graphic Designer
LOQI is looking for a mini-rockstar, graphic designer to join our band. We’re looking for someone brilliant, detail-driven, dedicated, and lively—who is also a great team player. We would like a young-star – either an intern or a student with a passion to learn, or a junior with 1 year of experience. Someone who understands branding, packaging, artworking, image editing and doing funky social media banners. A structured nerd with an extra eye for detail. No need to apply if you are Ms or Mr Sloppy. Good illustration skills would be a plus! And, this special someone must be able to work closely with our marketing and sales team.
Ready to play? Contact us at hello@loqi.com.