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    LOQI × Tom of Finland Collection

    LOQI Designer – Céleste Wallaert

    LOQI Designer Céleste Wallaert

    Meet Céleste Wallaert, a designer based in Paris, the most dreamy and dazzling capital in Europe. Let Céleste show you around a colorful and feminine graphic universe of symmetrical asymmetrical shapes and powerful personalities. What are we waiting for? Let's go chase Céleste!

    LOQI Céleste Wallaert Collection

    CÉLESTE WALLAERT and her lovable ladies take us on a journey full of musical movements, crazy confetti, and shining space shapes.
    Feel the rhythm and dance towards the stars.
    A dance. A glance. A magical chance.

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    LOQI Céleste Walleart

    LOQI Interviews Céleste 

    Q. Gardens nobody should miss?
    A."Les Grandes Serres" and "la Galerie de Botanique" of the "Jardin des Plantes" in Paris, beautiful and magical for inspiration.

    Q. What is your spirit animal?
    A. A small bird.

    Q. Craziest place in Paris?
    A. My street! Near the "Place de la Bastille". Noisy, strenuous, lively.

    Q. What empowers you?
    A. My daughter.

    Q. Who let the dogs out?
    A. Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof.

    Q. What's the secret of creativity?
    A. Observe. Take time.

    Q. What song best describes you work ethic?
    A. "You do not own me" by Lesley Gore.

    Q. What kitchen utensil would you be?
    A. A box opener, please, don't ask me why :)

    Q. Pick two celebrities to be your parents.
    A. Freddy Mercury and Niki de Saint Phalle.

    Artworks by Céleste Wallaert

    Artworks by Céleste Wallaert