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LOQI Designer – Hey Studio

LOQI Designer Hey Studio

HEY is a happy design studio based in Barcelona. Their playground is brand identity, editorial design and illustration. The toys that inspire them are geometry, colour and direct typography. Ready to go on a whirlwind tailspin tour? Just say...HEY!



A perfect promenade through picturesque Paris. A good look at London with Big Ben and that shapely Shard. Hey, a design studio based in Barcelona, is waiting to take you on a whirlwind city spin. Just say Oui, Merçi!

Salute the Statue of Liberty. Yell out a yellow taxi. Take a tour in one of Berlin’s old Trabis. Zip up to the tip top of its TV tower. It’s all about city icons with the HEY STUDIO collection.

LOQI HEY Collection

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Artworks by HEY Studio

Artworks by HEY Studio