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LOQI x Studio Aisslinger

LOQI x Studio Aisslinger

The Airy Activity Office

LOQI x Studio Aisslinger Berlin

Colorful, international, sustainable. With the redesign of the LOQI European headquarters in Berlin, the lively creative DNA of the globally active young company was implemented in a congenial brand appearance. New work and activity based work are merged in a new „airy activity office“. The Workspace is treated like living, breathing organisms that adapt to accommodate the team deciding on flexibility, autonomy, and the ability to choose when and how they work. © StudioAisslinger

Daring Duo – Tina Bunyaprasit and Werner Aisslinger

The result created by Tina and Werner is an office space of a different kind, a lively and inspiring working landscape breaking through the grey schematism of standardized workstation units - a work environment as a holistic experience. The 1000 sqm hall with open ceiling structure has become a complex, constantly changing conglomerate of co-working areas, break-off units and work capsules.


Playtime in Work Areas

The cycle of a sustainable production and lifestyle is seen less as an urgent necessity than as an opportunity, recycling and upcycling not only as a daily office routine, but as a design impulse. Striking fabric curtains, transparent folding screens, materials and colors moderating the transition between the different working areas.

The Dance of Mind and Body

Sitting at ones desk or standing at a high table, debating the most recent project at a round table or thinking through an inspiring design, secluded in the work capsule that shields all noise from outside - flexible and open, the room adapts to the respective needs, creating space for playful creativity, for that dance of mind and body that is needed to gain new ideas.

Photographer @Nicoló Lanfranchi

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