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    LOQI x Smiley® 50th Anniversary

    LOQI and Smiley® share a common universe full of art, happiness and creative ideas. The sunny circle at Smiley® is all about blue skies and big love. LOQI collaborated with Smiley® to create a collection of recycled bags, zip pockets, weekenders and laptop covers for their 50th anniversary.


    Take The Time To Smile Recycled Bag

    €14.99 EUR


    Take The Time To Smile Recycled Laptop Cover

    €39.99 EUR


    Take The Time To Smile Recycled Weekender

    €39.99 EUR

    Collectors’ Edition by André Saraiva

    André Saraiva is a world-renowned graffiti artist and creative director. Born in Uppsala, Sweden. Grew up in Paris. André began his lifelong passion for graffiti, tagging his name all over the city's walls. Mr. A, his alter ego, quickly became his signature character in the art world on six continents. Fashion brands Chanel and Louis Vuitton jumped on his band wagon.


    André has created sets of original works of art with his artistic take on Smiley, creating an exclusive limited edition collector’s project.

    Capsule Range

    At LOQI, the quality and durability of our bags has always been a priority.The new Smiley® collection is made from 100% certified recycled taffeta material by GreenCircle JIAREN and is an OEKO-TEX® certified product—from fabrics, to zippers, to threads.


    Say YES to a LOQI x SMILEY® bag that brightens up your day, every day. Let’s reduce the use of plastic bags together. Our community is making a difference by always carrying a LOQI. It means the World, Mars, and Venus to us.


    Rainbow Capsule Recycled Bag

    €14.99 EUR


    Rainbow Capsule Recycled Laptop Cover

    €39.99 EUR

    Good News

    Smiley is the original good news brand since 1972. The Smiley icon has become an integral part of popular culture. Gaining cult iconicity as a symbol for peace, happiness and activism, juxtaposing the worlds of art, fashion, film and music, becoming embraced by generations of subcultures. In the late 90s, Smiley even helped to create a new universal language launching the “Smiley Dictionary”.


    Geometric Recycled Bag

    €14.99 EUR


    Geometric Tyvek Laptop Cover

    €39.99 EUR


    Geometric Recycled Weekender

    €39.99 EUR

    © Smiley


    Blossom Recycled Bag

    €14.99 EUR


    Blossom Tyvek Bag

    €29.99 EUR


    Blossom Tyvek Laptop Cover

    €29.99 EUR

    Did You Know?

    75% of an individual´s success is predicted by optimism, social connection and the way they perceive stress. It is our mission to drive optimism to inspire people with the LOQI x Smiley collection. Live the power of a smile!

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