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    SNASK is your future romance

    Sustainability Matters


    LOQI × Bandaxt

    Two colors of Ukrainian Bravery

    LOQI × TATExt

    TATE celebrates Female Artists

    LOQI × Tom of Finland Collection

    Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

    LOQI x Levine/Leavitt Collection

    10 International Illustrators

    LOQI x Millecent Collection

    Dancing Shapes. Dazzling Colours.

    LOQI Snask Collection

    LOQI x Snask Collection

    SNASK is your future romance

    Recycled Certification

    Sustainability Matters

    Smiley Collection

    Time to Smile


    Magic of Metallic

    LOQI Sagmeister & Walsh Beauty

    Sagmeister & Walsh

    Beauty: Making the world a better place

    Vincent van Gogh Portrait

    Vincent van Gogh Museum Collaboration

    Stop looking at my ear

    ean-Michel Basquiat Collection

    The Jean-Michel Basquiat

    "Believe it or not I can actually draw"