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Do It Yourself. LOQI Canvas.

Making art accessible. Sparking the imagination. Creating collectables.

Our new collection features bags that are not just eco-friendly and super strong, but also a blank canvas for your wildest creative dreams. You can sketch, doodle, colour and create your own masterpiece, right on a LOQI bag. 

Say it with LOQI

Ready to let your mini-me’s style explode onto the scene? Buckle up, because LOQI’s got something that’s about to shake up their world. We’re handing over the design reins to the real bosses – the kids!  Are your kids ready to rock their style and be the talk of the town? 

We're talking about a playground of possibilities here:

Hot Ironing Stickers: Add sizzle to your bag with an array of hot ironing stickers. From funky designs to snazzy slogans, these stickers will make your bag pop like a firework show!

Please be careful with high temperature, it may harm the product.

Acrylic Paint or Pens: Express yourself like a modern-day Picasso! Grab some acrylic paint or vibrant pens and let your imagination run wild. Paint your passions, doodle your dreams – the canvas is your bag!

Spray It Up: Want a dash of urban flair? Spray-painting your bag can give it that trendy street-art vibe. Whether you're a graffiti guru or just want to splash some color, get ready to rock that artistic aura.

Textile Ink Magic: Unleash the magician in you with textile ink. Create intricate patterns, paint landscapes, or let your inner abstract artist shine. This ink isn't just ink; it's a spell to transform your bag into a masterpiece!


So, gather your supplies, set up your creative space, and let the magic begin! Your LOQI bag is eagerly awaiting its makeover – and it's all up to you to turn it into a wearable work of art!

Reflective and Metallic

Upcycling is fun with LOQI!