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Let's see if we can bring the LOQI products to a new level—sustainable and exciting, as the future. Together with our collaborators, we became stronger and we began to explore different types of media, explore what’s left behind unnoticed, and give another dimension to our products on every possible level.

What we want to achieve?

Remember„Reduce, reuse, recycle”? Add young and fresh minds and multiply by creativity—this is what helps us moving towards the simplicity and smart, zero-waste production.


Recycled Key Chain

to keep your bag safe and neat

Making it e-e-easy

Of course, we are trying our best to find solutions and take care of how our customers feel now using our products. But good things take time, we will break the news once we're ready!

Future possibilities

So much more we have to share! We keep collaborating with design schools and young talents—join us in this fantastic journey.

Together we develop new products, care about our environment, and have so much fun!

What's next?

In the future we want to make this project a regular event to gather, create and gossip about what’s out there in the world. We love being silly but we always stay focused on what we value the most. This isn’t a trend to us, this is who we are—respectful. Respectful to art, to our customers and especially now it is clear to us that we want to be the most respectful to our environment that we live in. Let’s widen this path and walk it together as a team! 

Let us know about your ideas on how you could upcycle your loqi bag, we are open to creative ideas!