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LOQI × TATE Collection

The TATE champions the right to the richness of art for everyone. Access to art is a universal human right so what better way to make art accessible to everyone than through a collaboration with LOQI. The curated collection of artworks by female artists from the 1950's onwards: Louise Bourgeois. Guerrilla Girls. Jean Spencer. Exclusive to the TATE are bags and bumbags by Hew Locke Chila Kumari Singh Burman, Lubaina Himid, Saloua Raouda Choucair.

Guerrilla Girls

Guerrilla Girls are a group of female artists who strive to ‘fight discrimination through humour, activism, and the arts’. Formed in New York City in 1985, they are well known for concealing their identities by wearing gorilla masks, which they also used in their artwork Do Women Have To Be Naked To Get Into the Met. Museum? from1989.
The collective is on a mission to bring gender and racial inequality into focus within the art world. Keep an eye open for their billboards and share their message far and wide by wearing the Guerrilla Girls recycled tote bags. Let's get the word out there, on the streets!

Jean Spencer

Jean Spencer co-founded the Systems Group in 1969 in the UK, rooting her work on the central principle of clarity. Spencer places stripes of different hue, tone and intensity next to one another, exploring the effect one colour has in its neighbours. Fall in love with her abstract tote bag. It's time to celebrate the female artists from the TATE collection!

Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois is easily recognised for her giant steel and bronze spider sculptures multiplying around the globe. As a young girl, Louise was dyeing cloth, weaving and sewing in her parents’ tapestry studio in Paris. Bourgeois loved spiders. She described the spider as an artist, spinning thread and creating magnificent webs. It could also mend things like the restoring of tapestries in her childhood. “The spiral is an attempt at controlling the chaos.” The three designs from Louise Bourgeois’ Spirals, 2005 series of textile works adorn a set of three recycled zip pocket pouches and recycled bags.