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Magic of Metallic

Speaking of Glamour

From disco looks to rock and roll inspired ensembles to glamorous evening regalia ­– the ways how to make glittering metallics look celebratory are countless.

Tote your metallic bag day or night. The metallic tote bags offer the perfect ratio of wearability to opulence. One thing is certain: the metallic collection is here for you to glimmer and shimmer. How will you style your shiny glamour accessory?

Fashionably functional? Don´t tell anyone, but there’s even enough space for your block heels to make the transition from day to night impossibly smooth. These metallic bags are surprisingly spacious and retain their structure while holding a million treasures at any one time.

Glamazon gold. Sparkling silver. Radiant golden rose. Tote your valuables and invaluables like a super-hero with this super-power filled tote bag.

Always a conversation starter. If you love this collection as much as we do, choose your favorite colour now and feel enchanted by the magic of metallic!

Trendsetters say hello to the brand new mini metallics. These statement-making minis create an irresistible excitement and buzz. And they are always a conversation starter. Whichever way you slice and dice it, the metallic mini bag forces you to edit your belongings to the essentials. Less is more, less is liberating!

The tiny version of the metallic bag makes an outsize impression. Officially reaching the maximum of cuteness, is it possible to resist this irresistible dinky accessory?

Gifting and Giving!

The ultimate gift to give. The magic of this metallic collection enchants with its charm of uniqueness. Once on your radar, always on your mind. Gift giving made easy! Surprise. Surprise. The metallic bag comes in a small zip pocket that resembles the case of a sparkly diamond ring.

From mini to maxi bag, metallic weekenders and zip pockets, we are obsessed with the metallics. Metallic hype is here to stay!